Thursday, September 12, 2013

Seriously Andy Stop Crying

We get it you are extremely in touch with your emotional side but seriously. 
I think Judd said it best when he said 
" I have just never seen a guy cry that much" 
I cheated and read ahead on the blog and (spoiler alert) cry baby wins the veto. 
Do you think he will cry when he sends McRae home?? 

Anyways, Thursdays are usually my Veto Thursday post where I talk about 5 things I'm crushin this week and one thing I want to put up on the block, but as usually I was getting a little comfy in my life so the world had to get turned upside down again.

I posted my birth story with Chip earlier this week and if you read it you know all about his cyst. 
I live in constant fear that something will happen and he will need surgery.
For the past two weeks he's been throwing up daily and he's down almost 3 pounds.
I went to a regular peds appointment today and of course they think its the cyst so I'm waiting to hear back about when we will make the 2 hour trip up to CHaD. 
For some reason this ecard seemed to fit this situation because much like my period I like to forget his little issue does not exist. 

My brain does not compute things that contain bad news and sometimes I feel it easier to express myself in ecards. 
Just kidding 
but these did make me feel better 
I also got three more annoying animal face shirts for $5! I don't give a shit what the shirt looks like if its $5 for 3 of them I will take it.
Besides, waking up at the ass crack of dawn and going to the gym in one of these just makes my day. 
Except this morning when my soon threw up on it....

I couldn't figure out what the first animal was but I was informed it is a raccon(?) I thought meerkat which is way cooler and equally annoying. 

Anywho here's to hoping I get a lot of knitting/reading done tomorrow while waiting for the docs to get their shit together and tell me my sons just born with extra awesomeness and sometimes he has to throw up a little to make room for more. 

I did that in college with drinking so I totally get it.

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  1. OMG I just saw my mug on the side of your blog <3 hearts to you girl! I'll be praying my little heart out for him!! Stay strong mama!!