Friday, September 27, 2013

Fitness week Recap and The Man Cold

I haven't been on my fitness game 100% this week but I can say I have it 90%

Favorite workout this week: Assisted pull ups and deadlifts ( I also love how my phone auto corrects deadlifts to deadliest)
Favorite Meal this week: I have been having a lot of turkey burgers with asparagus and zucchini and its soo good. 
Biggest NSV: this week it's actually a scale victory. I step on the scale every day and I know you aren't supposed to but the number on te scale doesn't really affect my mood just gives me an idea of where I am. This week I'm finally under 130! 

Least favorite workout this week: Front squats. I cannot find a comfortable position to do this in and I hate them.
Least favorite meal: protien shakes....blah
Biggest struggle: Um EVERYTHING PUMPKIN FLAVORED! I am also a sucker for s'mores flavored things and apparently that's also the rage right now...awesome. 

Here's hoping next week is better! 
So last night I kinda felt yucky like a cold was coming on so I had some of this nighttime tea 
I want to be a tea person so bad.

I thought maybe this little sleeping bear would be foreshadowing my nights sleep.
Except if I was that bear I would throat punch that dog.
Let a brother sleep! 
I drank it and it only did one thing...
Reminded me why I'm not a tea person.
I was laying in bed being overly dramatic about my throat because my husband and I have an ongoing joke about the "man cold".
Let me start by saying that my husband is one of the first guys I have met that doesn't get super dramatic when he has a cold.
A guy I dated in college ( not you John!) was the worst!
He actually called me while I was at work one day and in the most whiney voice possible asked me if I could "pwetty pwese" bring him raspberry ginger ale and pretzel rods. 
His Grandmother (who was an amazing woman who has since passed) always did this when he was sick and he KNEW it would make him feel better.
You know what would make him feel better...
...a set of balls.
Being the good girlfriend I am I brought them to him and bit my tounge every time he moaned.
Ugh I hate the man cold.
Those commercials didn't make this stuff up.

When moms get sick you know what they do?
Suck it up and carry on, because kids don't understand "mommy is sick so she can't be your personal jungle gym today" 
When I want to sleep in because I don't feel good I get a 16 month old with a blow out and a 3 year old who in no way possible never in a million years could even imagineeee having a BLUE yogurt instead of a red one because she can't reach the red. 
No of course not. 

I am one of the lucky ones that does not have to deal with the man cold, do you have to? How does your man act when he's sick?   

Make sure you come back on Monday for my homemade Butterfinger  recipe!!
Side note I got a new phone with a front facing camera so get ready for some Selfies!! 

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  1. I'm currently having a man cold. I'm being a really whiny man but I'm going to whine as much as I possibly can because I know the day I have kids it's done.