Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Ode to McCranda

I am so sad
I know everyone hates her, but I like her
She's a big bad bitch, and her game play is spot on. 
If she wouldn't have fallen for her little spider monkey she would have gone far. 
Get it girl

Here are the things I'm crushin this week. 

1. My new workout shirt. It was 4 bucks and I got it as a joke, but it's so comfy and makes me happy I think I'm starting a new collection. How can you not just think this is the most redic thing ever. 
2. My trainer Sara Willis. She is amaze-balls, and if you are looking for a new workout routine, or a meal plan, go get you some. Check her out on Instagram @saraw8701 or her website here. Tell her I sent you. She is so helpful and knowledgeable she amazes me every day, and gets my but to the gym. 
3. My gym. At first I was so against signing up for the gym but now I love it. I look forward to going. Even at 5am. Damn straight. The guys that work out at the same time as me as like Dads showing me how to do things, and jokingly pointing out where the 100lb dumb bells are....ya you're funny. 

4. Amanda, I don't even care I love her, and I want her boobs.

wait why is she always wearing this sweatshirt?!

5. My will power. BOOM I said it. my mother frickin will power, that was never there before. I said no to this....
I have never had willpower before, but I read a quote that said 
"Will power is a muscle, if you go to the gym and try to lift 100lbs the first day you will fail, but if you start little and work your way up you will be lifting more than you ever thought. If you cut out all foods you love at once you will fail, but if you take it little by little you will succeed" 

Granted, I cut out all the foods I love at once, I also remind myself that every time I say no that muscle gets bigger (literally!) It has helped me. 

This week I am putting Candy Crush on the block. 
Seriously F this game. 
I have been stuck on the same level for like a month. How the heck to people get to 3hundredsomething. 
I'm taking a break from it, before I break it. 

What are you crushin this week? What do you want to send a packin?


  1. Love that quote! I never heard it before. I don't have much will power and I never thought to look at it as a muscle.

    1. I nominated you for the sunshine award. Post live tomorrow!

  2. Girl I freaking love that shirt! That reminds me of the shirts that Charlie wears on It's Always Sunny! I love that ridiculousness!