Friday, August 1, 2014

My Next Steps.

So for those of you that follow me on Instagram you probably saw that I was "gifting" myself the 21 Day Sugar Detox for my birthday.
I've been hemming and hawing about this for the past few days.
It really bothers me that I have to buy a $28+ book in order to eat better.
I just am looking for every excuse in the book including convincing myself that I DONT KNOW what I'm doing to continue to eat crap.
UGH I am so frusterated with myself.
But I'm not ready to totally give up on myself yet.
I'm giving myself another chance.
I'm going to do my own form of sugar detox.
Before I go any further I wanted to give you guys an update on my anxiety.
I saw the doctor and I told him everything. I told how I feel when I'm trying to go to bed, I told him I was worried about getting on medication. I told him I physically and mentally feel better when I eat better and he sat there and listened to it all, then he said
Not just any meds, but Klonopin. If you've never heard of it, it's a sedative. I immediatly told him I wasn't sure and I didn't really feel comfortable taking a sedative and his answer was
just take them.
So I tried and this was me.

How the hell am I supposed to work a busy job and take care of my kids while I'm literally melting.
I decided they were not from me.
Then I decided to listen to what I was sitting in that room telling a doctor.
When I eat better I feel better.

So starting on Monday (because you can only start diets on Mondays) my neice and I are cleaning up our acts. We are cutting out processed foods, cutting WAY back on sugars and carbs and making healthy choices. Simple as that.

So for the first week this is my meal plan.

Breakfast- Smoothie usually almond milk , banana, pb, and protein powder.
Snack- Home made energy bites (recipe on Monday!) or hard boiled eggs
Lunch- Greek Chicken Pita Pockets, or Turkey Veggie Chili
Snack- Almonds and an apple or hummus and Green peppers
Dinner- Salad with tuna, turkey burgers, or steak and veggies.

For drinks I am sticking to water with a little lemon and coffee. I have to figure out something with my creamer. Either cut way back or cut it out all together. We shall see.

As far as working out. I'm still going strong! I'm running my first 10k race tomorrow and I'm pretty excited about it. I think there is going to be a lot of people I know at this race and that is such a change from all of my races last year where I was the only one!

Alright thats all for now. Come back Monday for my Energy bites recipe and a little catch up with the #TracktheTank!


  1. Good for you - I need to clean up my eating too . . . it's such a mental game . . . I know what to do but I simply don't do it. So dumb. My kids go back to school on Monday so I'm using that as my line in the sand to get my act together. Also, about the creamer . . . I found a coconut milk dairy free creamer and it's good. The brand is "So Delicious." Or I use Coffeemate Natural Bliss (low fat if you can find it) . . . it's at least a step in the right direction. Good luck to you girl!

  2. I take klonopin too, but it's only supposed to be on an as needed basis. I might take one every few weeks.

  3. I love that you said no thank you! My doc gave me an Rx for Trazadone to help me sleep, but I felt so gross when I used it sluggish and I got constipated. So, I actually do some form of exercise right before bed (yoga style) and get in to bed 1/2 hour earlier than I want to be. Works soooo much better! I find it interesting that Klonnopin would be the answer, as it is a super sedative (my hubby takes it for restless leg syndrome), it seems like there would have been other, less impactful ideas bounced around first.

  4. That seems like an intense response from your doctor. You may want to get a second opinion.

  5. There is so much going on in this post, I don't know where to start.

    1. I'm glad you went to the doc! I agree about maybe getting a second opinion or trying a different medication. That's totally normally to have to drive different meds. Unless of course you can manage your anxiety with diet and exercise alone. If that's the case, more power to you sister!

    2. Your diet plan sounds awesome.

    3. Coffee creamer will be the death of all of us. So so good. I have switched to almond milk in my morning coffee (with SNL) and then just black coffee the rest of the day.

    4. Good luck on your race tomorrow sister!!!


  6. Your diet plan sounds great, I kind of made my own too... I will have to share it some time! Looking forward to the recipe.

  7. Good for you knowing that the med's aren't for you! Who wants to walk around like a zombie? Sounds like you need to find a dr who will listen to you. Good luck w/ the race tomorrow!!!

  8. I measure out the 2tbs of creamer every morning for my coffee. And then throw in 1/4 spoonful of sugar. No big deal. I try to each whole foods most often, its weird but I just crave it. I crave the good stuff because, and I didn't really realize this was happening, but once the spring rolled around, I scaled back on sweets. Now I hardly crave them. I guess its substituted with beer? Who knows. All I can say is when you think about food 24/7 you want to eat more. Find that balance lady, you got this!

  9. Oh heeeeeey, you go girl! If this is what you need to get yourself feeling better, then go for it. Meds aren't for everyone, and only YOU can decide what's truly best for you. The 21 day sugar detox allows coffee, and whole milk or half and half were both listed as ok. You got this, you can do it! <3

  10. I'm trying to cut my carbs/sugar intake as well by going Paleo (on and off, it seems--it's hard!). I make my own creamer with coconut milk and coconut oil; you can find the recipe here: On the days I don't use creamer because I'm usually in a hurry, I drink the coffee black with just a pinch of Stevia.

  11. I've tried a variety of coffee creamer... Non dairy, low fat, low sugar, almond milk, eas vanilla carb check shake, coconut milk, but my favorite is mini moos half and half.. They're individually portioned cups and NO carbs .i use 4 in my one cup of coffee a day 40 calories

  12. I'm so proud of you for hitting rewind and listening to yourself. Klonapin is a big deal med. Anxiety is a tricky thing, if the food change doesn't help I'd recommend asking for a referral to a specialist. But I'm betting the diet thing will work. I know that when I eat crap I feel like crap. But life interferes and a few days of too much processed crap later I start feeling awful and remember... oh yeah.