Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's My Birthday and My Kids Will Cry if They Want Too

Spoiler alert... they want to.
Last night when I went to bed I had such grand visions of my birthday.
Waking up early to a nice cup of coffee and a quite house. Going for a run before I wake the kids up and get Mabel ready for her first day of school. Stopping by Dunkins to celebrate surviving another year with my favorite coffee, spending the day with my little buddy Chip.

I was so excited I went to sleep with a smile on my face....

Then I awoke to screaming. Chip woke up in the middle of the night. I closed my eyes tighter hoping he would get back in bed like he normally does, when my bedroom door slammed open.


yeah okay thanks Mabel. So I crawl out of my bed to grab Chip and take one step out of the door and it starts.

"Mom why was my door close? Is it time for school yet? Why was Chip screaming so loud? Why is it still dark out? Mom I'm scared of the dark. Mom why do you have that face on? Do you still need coffee? Mom? Mom?"

AND I'M UP. No chance of going back to bed, no chance of my morning run.

Good news is I got Mabel off to her first day with no tears... mostly because I was too tired to fully comprehend what was happening.

As far as the cake I was going to make tonight it may be a bust. I tried to take Chip to the store and he had a full on meltdown so we left without everything (don't worry I got my mascara).

One thing I know is I WILL GET A RUN IN TODAY... even if I have to take this little tantrum monster with me.
 Literally still crying 


  1. Well happy birthday anyways! I hope you end up having a good rest of the day.

  2. Boo! Hiss! I always have grand visions of my birthday and it always falls short - mostly b/c of the kids. That's so awful of me to say but sadly it's true. The tantrums, the fighting, the crabbies. Ugh! Maybe I should just insist that Andy take me away for my bday every year. Just a short ride away, to a nice hotel, close to some fun shopping and maybe a winery or s/t.


  3. Happy Birthday!! I suppose one way to look at it is that your day should go up from where it started, right?!? :-)

  4. Happy Birthday! I think you may need a do over :)

  5. Happy Birthday! I hope it gets better...

  6. LOL, sorry, I'm laughing. That face on Chip! Darling! Although, I'm sure you were ready to strangle him! Happy HAPPY HAPPY Birthday, my love, and I hope the day got better!!! <3

  7. Happy birthday!! Ugh the kids are so dang cute though!!

  8. Happy belated birthday, girlie. I hope that the end of the day was better than the beginning for you.

    Mandie ~

  9. Happy birthday! It might sound terrible (and, no, I don't have children), but maybe you give him some cold medicine and enjoy the ensuing quiet, haha.