Thursday, August 7, 2014

One of My Most Favorite People.

One of my very best friends, recently made a huge life change.
She up and moved to a whole new city in a whole new state.
Then she immediatly regretted her choice, but I told her,
Just hang in there.
There are not very many times in your life when you have absolutly no ties, no obligations, and nothing holding you back.
I wouldn't change my world for anything but I do wish I would have taken more advantage of those moments in my life, when they were presented. 
I also mentioned to her that a great way to document this time in her life would be to start a blog.

I also talked her into letting me interview her and share her blog with you all!!
Do you remember how we met?

Yes. Sort of. You always remember things better than me, but it was at St.Pats and I was in 7th grade and you were in 8th. We didn't get along at first...but then, maybe after a bus ride home or something we did? haha

Our moms forced us to be friends because we were both on the basketball team and needed to car pool...but close!! haha. It's crazy that we only went to school together for a year but stayed friends for almost 14 years. Why do you think we stayed so close?

Because you are really good at keeping in touch? Haha I don't know. I mean we did end up going to the same college years later, but I think we always had a relationship like we were sisters. Not always hanging out every day or weekend, but always being there when we needed each other.

Awww so true! I've always considered you my sister, even when you stole my online boyfriend....

Oh God. Ryan Leavy or something right?

Bahahahaha yes!! 

Of course I can remember his full name but not how we met.


Speaking of remembering, there was one summer when you decided to totally focus on your health, and you nailed it. I remember you doing pilaties and eating weird noodles and looking amazing. It's crazy but thinking about you that summer STILL inspires me. Do you still strive to live a healthy lifestyle?

I do still strive to be healthy but it's an eb and flow for me. Once I get on track I feel great and I WANT to work out and keep eating great, but once I get a little lazy its so hard to get back in the saddle. Right now I'm focusing on mental health and doing things that make me feel like I'm living a full life. Learning new skills, helping with fundraisers, starting a blog! Doing things that make you feel happy and good about yourself are all part of being healthy too.

Speaking of starting a blog! You just made a major life change and started a blog all about it. What's the scoop?

It's a food blog where I deep fry everything. Just kidding. It's about growing up. I'm from a small rural town in New Hampshire and lived around that area my whole life up until this past March. I finally pushed myself out of my comfort zone and moved to the city.
It's a brand new blog with only a few posts but it's just a way for me to share my experience about becoming the person I want to be.

I may be biased but I'm already in love with it. I'm so proud of you and I can't wait to see where this journey takes you.

Me too. I think it will be really cool to look back in a year or two and see how myself as an individual has changed.

Maybe it will turn into a pregnancy blog... 


Well a girl can dream! Either way I'm proud of you and I think people will really relate to your story and enjoy following along! Thanks for allowing me to share it and I apologize for the old pictures!!
Dorothy and I at my wedding.


Dorothy blogs over at  Breaking Through the Chrysalis so go check her out!!

Come back tomorrow for my fitness update, and to find out where the #trackthetank has been so far!

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