Friday, August 15, 2014

#Trankthetank Bishes.

Have you all missed me?
I have been right here... doing nothing. In a total funk.
This week is the first week of my half training so I really need to get my ass in gear. I'm actually meal prepping right now as we speak. I lost track of my diet again... no real surprise there.
ANYWAY. On to better more important things!

#Trackthetank is making its way around and I'm in love with it. I just wanted to give everyone a quick update.

So it started with me, and I put it on before I even put on my make up.... woof. I wanted to keep it because I LOVE the gold glitter lettering. Seriously. I would like that writing on everything.
Then I sent it to Erin from She's a Big Star in Maine... ps send me good restaurants bish!

She said she's her own inspiration which I love. You can't love someone else until you love yourself.

Then Erin sent it to Angela from Mean Ang who lives in New Jersey so she probably eats pickles and fist bumps her way through the grocery store. I mean thats what I would I would do. Actually Ang is super sweet and I love that she is so open and honest about her journey.

Then Ms. Ang sent it one of my long time loves Kristen from Hopelessly Ever After where she gushed about her husband being her motivation. While she thought it was totally cliche I loved it and totally agreed. My husband thinking I look good makes me FEEL good.

Kristen then sent it to this bish that I hate... JUST KIDDING! Jazzy J at Fleurty and Fit is one of my fellow blogwives and we text (or used to) every day. I love her and her selfies. She brings up an amazing topic that strikes a nerve with me. When you are in the health field and I am supposed to be trusting you to make the best decisions regarding my life you BETTER be making those choice for yourself too!!

Jazzy J sent it another Blogwive THE Val at Fab Chick Gets Fit. She's kind of a big deal, and I love her because when I don't want to do another burpee and I facetime her she tells me to stop being a bitch and do it. Her motivation is also herself, and she has a damn good reason.

Val texted me in a panic for the address for the next lovely lady in line. Amy at The Crazy Wise Woman. I haven't really read her blog before but when she posted this picture I knew I had been totally missing out.

Then I caught up on her blog posts and realized her sign off is Namaste Bitches... .ummmm hello did we just become best friends?!?!

Well the tank still has a LONNNNNGGGG way to go, so make sure you stay tuned to check out my next up date. Also big news on Monday.... I'm doing another blogger swap with some lovely ladies!!


  1. OMG, I die! YOu totally crack me up! Great update, I so can't wait to get the tank! Trying to thin of some 'very Iowa' way to pose with it. On a pig? No, that won't work - it'll stink after. Hmm, I'll keep thinking. Guessing about the time it arrives Harvest will be in full swing so maybe in a corn field. :) Can't wait!!

    Also can't wait for the big swap!!!!

  2. Love the recap!! Tell me again when you're coming up here? All of the local places close after Labor Day and I think you're coming after that, right?! I'll find you some!

  3. LOVE reading everyone's stories on track the tank! so fun and inspiring!