Monday, August 25, 2014

My Birthday Week!

Last night my husband and I watched the VMA's.
By watched I mean struggled to keep my eyes open after the first few awards, while asking each other who everyone was.

When I was younger I used to LOVE the VMA's. Not only was it the must see award show it also meant that my birthday was right around the corner!!
I'm actually really really excited about my birthday this year. It's on a Wednesday which means I have the day off, and it's Mabel's first day of school.
I'm going to make dinner and my own cake.
This may sound rediculous and you may think my husband is being a jerk but believe me I asked to do it. I love cooking and BAKING. I love sweets and I love to eat them even more, which is why I don't bake as much anymore.
So now I jump at any chance.
Like a co-workers birthday tomorrow for which I'm making Key Lime Cheesecake Squares.

I'm torn as to what to make for my birthday, I have a million recipes I have been wanting to try, but I don't want to go too crazy.
I also have a new woman crush on The Pioneer Woman (I know I'm like a year late) and she has a billion ideas for dessert and dinners, and breakfasts, and snacks, and life.
Whats your go to birthday dinner? Do you eat in or go somewhere special?

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  1. I make my own cake too. It's a pioneer woman recipe, strawberry shortcake cake. Yumo!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!

    I like to go out for dinner.

  3. Yay for birthday week!!!

    We have our "favorite" restaurant that's our go-to for occasions. Over the years it's evolved from the INCREDIBLY expensive Steak House we went to before kids to now the more moderately expensive Italian joint. Truth be told, I like the Italian better. Because, cheese.

    Love you!

  4. Yeeeeeeaaaaah birthday week! I wish I liked cheesecake, cause the sound of key lime cheesecake squares sounds delightful. And no one thinks your hubs is a jerk, if you LIKE to cook and bake, than what's it matter. I for one don't like cooking or baking, but you do what makes you happy on your birthday! <3
    Steve and I just went to a local bar for my birthday a few weeks ago on my actual birthday (a Thursday) and then went out in Philly that Saturday for a special dinner. We had a gift card we forgot about, so we were able to splurge without spending a lot!
    Enjoy this week!!!

  5. Happy almost Birthday!!! Mine is next Monday:)

    I always make everyone else's birthday dinner in my family and they always want mexican and homemade banana cream pie. Anything from the Pioneer Woman is delicious!!

  6. My birthday dinner is always different but it's always cooked by someone other than me! I love to cook but I also love to be pampered. This year I'll be doing a big party the day before and a quiet dinner at home on the actual day.

  7. Yay for birthdays!!! Happy Birthday Week!!! (P.S. What email do you want me to use for the swag swap??)