Sunday, August 3, 2014

My First 10k

and the last time I run the Rindge Road Race.
The hills..... oh my word the hills.
The course was in the next town over and I have never run in that town, not even once.

I don't know any of the roads in Rindge, I didn't even really know where the race started.
I was super nervous but my friend/trainer/life coach was running too and she just keep encouraging me. She ran the race before and she lives in the town so she knew the course. She knew the hills, and her wonderful, loving, supportive husband told me even his truck struggled on this course.
Before I could even think twice about it we were off and running and by that I mean Sarah was a blur in the distance and I was casually trying to figure out what the hell just happened.

The course was a double loop which was entirely uphill. If you want to know how that is possible, so do I .

Like I said I don't know Rindge, or the road's but I did notice a theme as I was trying not to pass out. Every road we turned on was named something Hill.
This is a Really Long Steep Hill Road
This is Entirely Up Hill Road

I ran the whole thing, ran up every single one of those damn hills, and it felt great. After I caught my breath and starting seeing straight again.

It did however make realize a few huge things.
I will not be running the Jaffrey Half next weekend, I'm just not ready and I wouldn't enjoy it,
and I need to MAJORLY incorporate hill training into my training for my CHaD half in October.

First things first.

Come back tomorrow to help me plan my first ever bake sale!


  1. Congrats on finishing it and running the whole thing! Good for you for realizing you need more training before a half - don't want to hate the whole thing and injure yourself!

  2. Great job- you must be so proud of yourself!