Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Cutest Giveaway

Next weekend my daughter is starting Pre-K and I'm a little emotional. Not as emotional as I thought I would be, but there have been tears.
When we are home, I am for sure a backwoods mom.
My kids run around with no shoes. My son rarely has a shirt on, and my daughters hair is wild.

Now when Mabel goes to school it's a different story. Call me crazy but I want my kid to look taken care of. I don't want her going to school in dirty clothes, or with her hair wild from just waking up, so we have been practicing brushing her hair and putting outfits together.
I wanted to get her excited about dressing nice so I got her a couple of pairs of new shoes, and a hairbrush.
I've also been telling her if she keeps her hair nice she can start wearing hair bows.
Then I saw these....

Seriously. Can I go to Pre-K. I wanted every single one.
I limited myself and got her three because if she loses them I will probably cry.

The best part is they are handmade by a fellow mother of two gorgeous girls, a little boy, and another on the way. Yes she's fertile. She's a friend of mine so I can say that.
She's also starting expanding and making maternity sashes, and customized orders for bridal parties.
Where she finds the time for this I have no frickin clue.

Mabel adores hers, and I'm super excited for her to start wearing them every dayyyy.

I know a ton of you have little girls who are starting school or who are just insanely cute and need more bows.
Only have boys? Don't worry she makes bow ties too. I know, she's awesome.
Well Leah was nice enough to giveaway $25 to spend in her store (many items are as low as $6!) to one lucky reader! All you have to do is enter below! a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Love the yellow and gray flowers on stretch lace!

  2. My favorite color match up Grey and aqua, grey and yellow, coral and aqua. Ha I love so many.

  3. Oh man, I die! I can't pick a favorite!!! I WANT THEM ALL (and a girl to put them on!!). If I win I'll for sure be spoiling my niece and friend's little girl rotten with these!!!

  4. Cute! Makes me want a little girl....mmmkay maybe not so much. See how quickly that thought goes in and out of my head?

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  6. I wish I had a girl of my own to spoil with these but my nieces will have to do for now...might just have to get some bowties for my lil guy though!! :))

  7. Loving the purple one but I love them all!

  8. Oh my goodness, my daughter is going to be one well accessorized little girl! Love them all!