Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Screw this.

So last Wednesday while I was catching up on my Big Brother blogs
-side note Team Nicole 
I heard a sound coming from my daughters room which was a sound parents nightmares are made of.
I heard the garbled gasps for air which can only mean one thing
One of my kids is choking 
I run into my daughters room to find my son laying on his back grabbing at his mouth. I sat him up and slapped his back. 
Honestly I'm not sure this was the best thing to do but it was y instinct. 
When I slapped his back a nut came flying out. 
Not the good kind like a peanut or macadamiam nut (my favorite) but a nut as in nuts and bolts. 
I grabbed it and looked back at my son who was still visably havig a hard time swallowing something. 
Then he just swallowed it and looked up at me and said "hi mommy". 
I looked around trying to figure out what foreign object that no doubt was going to land us on a future episode of Untold Stories of the ER and I saw it.
The new knobs we had put on my daughters dresser, one was missing, and so was the screw. 
My first thought was Holy fucking shit my kid just ate a screw 
My second was Oh my god he's going to die.
Apparently I had these thoughts out loud because Mabel expressed her concern that chip should eat dinner before he dies. 
I called my husband, called the emergency room, called my husband, called the pediatrician and 40 min later we were looking at an X-ray of said screw in Chips stomach.
We were told it would pass and to pretend like his diapers were play dough to make sure it made its way out. 
Fast foward to today.
Seven days later. 
Approximately 28 poopy diapers (yes he poops a lot) and no screw.
So today we head back for another X-ray and see what happens from here. 
Then I get to come home and run hill sprints in between my search expeditions. 

If anyone wants to cast their vote for Mother of the Year, I'm running. 


  1. I hope it makes its way out soon! That is so scary!

  2. Oh no mama! I hope it comes out soon! xo hang in there!

  3. Eek that's so scary! Hope he's doing better. :)

    Side note: Team Zach (hahaha I know he's crazy but I like him) and also Team Donny.

  4. holy crap.
    or should I say holy playdoh?

    Let it be known that the kid will forever be able to say 'he's been screwed'....literally.
    (hugs mama!)

  5. so scary! But on the bright side, you get to have this really awesome story to tell at his wedding.

  6. Oh my that is terrifying :( my son choked on a nickel one time that he found on the floor and he turned blue I cried for days just thinking about the what ifs! Hope he passes it soon!

  7. Holy shit, that's frickin' scary! I hope that it passes real quicklike.

    Mandie ~

  8. Poor Mama! We work so hard to make our homes safe then kids do the wackiest things like unscrew the knobs from a dresser and eat the hardware. This was completely unforseeable. Don't beat yourself up!

  9. Oh my gosh sweetie, that must have been horrifying. And I can tell you, after spending 3+ years as a pediatric surgical/trauma nurse, it happens ALL THE FREAKING TIME. A kid swallowing something he or she isn't supposed to does not a bad Mama make. I know you probably feel terrible, and I'm sure being hard on yourself… Maybe Chip will be the next Bob Vila? Smile <3

  10. It is definitely every mother's worst nightmare to hear that sound- my son choked on a balloon once and it was so terrifying!