Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Day in GIFS

Sometimes I feel like my life could be described in GIFS warning I laughed way too hard at these.

When I wake up

Kids wake up

First cup of coffee

All day at work

Drive home from work

Dinner Time

Time with kids

Kids go to bed

Going to bed


  1. I'm getting my chemo (I mixed up my days) and just snorted super loud at the last gif. Friggen hilarious! Enjoy your holiday weekend

  2. The 1st and last one had me in tears! What show/movie is the last one from?

  3. Agreed with Marla!! The last one is EPIC!!! I too will be bat shit crazy like that one day

  4. haha this is great! Might be stealing this idea some time ;)

  5. I watched that first one so many times- hilarious!

  6. DYING laughing!! I was feeling crappy and this has made it better!

  7. HAHA!!! I feel you on this for sure!

  8. lol im saving the last gif for when mine get older. Im going to call them at all hours of the night and talk about nothing until they get my number blocked