Monday, July 21, 2014

Catching up!

Sorry I've been a little MIA!
I started my new job and I'm just trying to get into the new swing and figure things out.
By the way I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new job.
Not only am I busy all day but I love the people I work with, its a close drive and I get a lunch break!
That's right a LUNCH BREAK!
The first day I finished my lunch in 10 min and had no idea what to do with the other 50 min. I mean the possiblities were endless. I could workout, run, go shopping, read a book, knit a sweater, do laundry.
Instead I got a candy bar and an energy drink.
Yeah not the best choices. Oh well.
Along with having a new schedule and routine, comes figuring out again how to balance everything.
Thankfully all the people I work with are interested in living healthy and active lives as well so I know I have support and I won't get funny looks anymore if I bring a quinia zuchinni salad for lunch.
Instead I will probably have to share the recipe!!
You can get it here!

Tuesdays I work a long day like 12-13 hours... nurses I love you. You are amazing. My first long shift almost killed me. I need to figure out how to eat and hydrate on these long shifts in a healthy way, so I'm not raveneous or sick when I get home.

Any tips are greatly appreciated!

In other news, #Trackthetank is making it's way around the US!! If you haven't had a chance yet to check out Erin's post you can read all about it here, and now the tank is currently residing with Ang.

I also wanted to make sure that Alma from Can I borrow that? got a shout out because I forgot to put her in the initial list and she's repping the West coast and getting our Cali vibes into the shirt!!

Can I Borrow That?
Don't forget you can also follow the tank journey on IG using #trackthetank


  1. Finding the balance in life is always tough! Glad to hear you're loving the new job!

  2. Salads in a jar are my lifesavers and a great way to use stuff up. That one looks amaze!!!

  3. glad to hear you are loving the new job! I get a 25 minute lunch break, which I generally use to try and take a nap :)