Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Training, This Time Around

My next half is in about 7 weeks.
I feel really different about this training. I think because each long run isn't my "longest run ever" anymore.
I'm not scared of the 8 miles I run this week. I wouldn't go as far as saying I'm looking forward to it, but I guess I feel ambivalent.
I think it takes some of the sunshine out of my step when I tell people which races I'm running, and the common response is

"Oh that one's tough...and hilly"


I'm trying to stay in the mindset that this race is in the town I train in EVERY DAY. It's really just going to be another long run on Jaffrey roads. They are all frickin hilly.

I've also had a few people ask me how to get started with training for a half, or getting back into running.
I love the couch 2 5k program to get started. It also has add on programs to move you up to a 10k and then a half.

There are so many different training programs for all distances and remember, just because the chart you printed out from Pintrest has the long runs on Sundays, you can adjust and do them whenever works for you!

This go around I am also doing a fair amount of cross training. I am doing a lot of speed work and like ten million burpees.

My workout today for example is a series of Tabata moves (20 seconds on 10 seconds off), separated by Tabata runs

So it looks like this

Tabata run/walk
Tabata  burpees
Tabata run/walk
Tabata sit ups
Tabata run/walk
Tabata squat jump
Tabata run/walk
Lie in puddle of sweat and cry.

My trainer is convinced it's going to shave a lot of time off my insanely slow first half (2:52:49)
but I have my doubts haha.

I have been posting some workouts and quick circuits on Instagram so make sure you go follow me (@camonlipstick)

How do you feel about burpees? Are you training for a race? What are your tips?


  1. Work it girl!!! Hills, schmills. You got this!

  2. Awesome that you have a race in your town!

  3. Bah ha ha! That last gif is hilarious! :)