Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Coming up Next.

Lately I have had major bloggers block. That's like the blogger version of writers block right?
Or is it still considered writers block.
Whatever, don't know don't care.
I hate not knowing what am I going to write about and I want to make sure that I am writing things that are helpful and inspiring... blah blah you know the usual.

So I am determined to switch things up in July.

It's only June 11th

Yes I'm aware but I like to plan ahead.

I've done this in the past and had a great response, and really enjoyed doing it so for every Monday in July I am going to have a guest post featuring a women in my life whom I admire and who inspires me. 3 out of 4 have said yes, so I'm just going to have to guilt trip the last one!

I will also be keeping up with Fitness Fridays since I will still be training for my never ending half marathons, but I would love to do at least one other "themed" day of the week. Here are some ideas

Two for Tuesdays - Recipe and workout post
Little Moments Wednesdays- Remembering to live in the moment and turning a bad moment into a good one.
This is for You Thursday- Writing a post dedicated to someone else. Show off their skills or why they are so awesome.
Tabata Tuesday/Thursday- Post a Tabata themed workout on these days with a how to video.
Wacky Workout Wednesday- Did you know in China they do eye workouts during the school day? I'm sure I could find more!

Any other ideas are very welcome.
Should I turn these into link ups?
Should I not do any of these and do something else?
Do you just wish I would stop all together?
Anyone want to join in the fun with me and maybe co-host some?

Let me know people. I need help!!


  1. I really like the little moments wednesday and this is for you Thursdays :)
    I think they're all great ideas though!!!

  2. Candra I would love to do link ups or co-host something. I like that you are switching things up a bit and can't wait to read your posts.

  3. Great ideas! It's difficult to come up with material day after day!

  4. I think you should do This is for you Thursday. They are all great ideas and you should do linkups also. I'd be down with joining it on it.

  5. I've been having the same problem and was making lists of similar structured posts! If you do a linkup I'll totally be in. Especially that Little Moments Wednesdays- that sounds brilliant!

  6. I love the idea of Little Moments Wednesdays and would like to be a part of that if you'll allow me to!

  7. I can't wait for some of these to be link-ups! I think that they are great ideas-- especially the recipes, since I wam always looking for new ones.

  8. I feel you!! I seem to have ideas but lack the time . . . either way, change is good! Exciting stuff!

  9. I like the little moments ideas. I, too, get a little MIA in the summer. Its too nice out to blog, you know? But documenting the good moments from the week would be awesome!

  10. I would enjoy linking up too! I like the recipes post.

  11. I like the recipe workout post idea!