Thursday, June 19, 2014

Round Up.

It's time for another FITNESS ROUND UPPPPPP.
I'm also stuck in clinicals again. So shoot me. Seriously.
At least it's the last day and I get to torture my mom and my favorite minion. That makes it worth it.
My daughter also has her very first dance recital tomorrow, and we are taking JUST HER out to dinner after to celebrate. I hope she isn't reading this or the surprise will be ruined.

Her learning to read in the last 24 hours however will be a total surprise because she's 4 and still doesn't know how to wipe her butt.

If I never have to run sprints or do another burpee again before I die it will be too soon.
I hate those bitches.
I used to be like oh I love running, It's my meditation, Long runs are my breaks, I'm so cool with my running shoessssss.
Then I started doing sprints, I threw up in the middle of the road, and still had to do more sprints.

Yeah I no longer want to be part of the in crowd.
I want to plant my ass next to the buffet table.
Seriously if life was some big party and runners were all the people living it up on the dance floor (which would probably make sprinters the people taking dancing one step further and BREAK DANCING) I would LITERALLY pull a chair over to the buffet table and sit there.... facing the food.
Just kidding, I would dance, but probably take breaks.
as for you...

I hope you danceeeeeee.

Please tell me you just sung that in your head.

In other news. I have stopped weighing myself obsessively. I don't really know why. I just kinda did. I know I'm not gaining a ton. I'm not sure if I'm losing, but I'm powering through my workouts and making healthy choices.

The whole bathing suit fiasco made me rethink a lot of things. I am not trying to compete in a fitness comp, nor am I trying to break pencils with my buns of steel (can people do that?!?!?), I am just trying to live, and enjoy my abilities.

Right now I'm working on finding out what that is. Maybe I'll start weighing and logging again, maybe not, but for now if you drive by me puking on the side of the road looking "real sweaty" like my daughter says, honk and wave sista!


  1. I totally sung that in my head. I would be dancing but I like running. Sprints and burpees not so much. Another way you get faster with running is....drumroll please spinning, squats, lunges and leg lifts. True story. I shaved 19 min. And my way is way nicer than sprints. Lol

  2. I just kinda fell off the workout bandwagon as well this week. Just stopped. I'm sure I'll get over it next week but for some reason getting an extra hour of sleep has trumped any sweat sessions! It happens, you're doing great lady!

  3. I sang it. I love that song. Also, I'm sitting at the buffet table with you. I'm no good at the running. I sorta just do it because I feel like it's a great workout, but I don't think I'll ever be good at it. Keep up the good work and keep doing what you're doing.

  4. You know it, singing was done just now!
    I'll hang out with you at the buffet table and we can mock those crazy breakdancers for being showoffs, k?

  5. Ugh, I hate that song! Sorry! :)

    Oh no, PUKING!!! It's sad to say I've never worked out that hard in my life so I'm a bit jealous. Even tho it probably sucked. But it's awesome you worked yourself that hard! Jealous!! :)

  6. I love the new attitude about weighing in and logging. You're trying to make sustainable changes, which means doing the best you can FOR YOURSELF not for a weigh in. And I totally started singing.

  7. Yes I sang it LOL

    Well youve officially inspired me (not the throwing up in the road) I signed up for my very first half coming in October. RIght now Im topping out at 5 miles I have some training to do!

  8. OL, I totally just sang some Leeann. Out loud. My poor (no doubt, hungover) husband, it's 8am! LOL. The thought of running (unless it's to a sale at Sephora) makes me want to vomit. The fact that you actually DID run… well, a little vomit shouldn't bring you down. Get rid of those chunks and get back in the game. I am on Day 6 of my 21 Day Sugar Detox. I too, have been weighing myself obsessively, and getting so aggravated. Maybe I should take your lead and stop doing so! <3

  9. Yup, I now have been singing that song in my head! Tee hee!