Monday, June 23, 2014

Dancing, Running and Crying

This past weekend flew by. I'm not ready for it to be over.
Saturday was my baby girls first dance recital. I cried and cried and cried.

 My husband and I got her flowers and the florist cut them down to make them "kid size", I cried.

The morning of I made her snuggle on the couch with me before we started getting ready. Chip was snuggling with us too and she wanted to switch sides but didn't tell me what she was doing... long story short. I accidentally gave her a fat lip.
Thankfully she has the memory of a goldfish and got over it quickly and it didn't swell too bad.
She did ask me to take a picture of it in the dressing room though...

Then Sunday was Runday.
This training course I moved my long runs to Sundays because my trainer thinks it's better to have your long runs on the same day as the race.... which makes sense.

The run was nice. It was hilly but I felt good. I even cut my over all pace down by 1:09 from my last run of this distance.

I didn't feel horrible after, until about 30 min after and then my body was all "Nope I'm done"

I seem to always forget how much my food choices and hydration during the week effect my long runs.
I have been kicking ass in workouts these past few weeks but my diet has only been so so. I've been switching gears in the whole working out and "dieting" mentality, instead of striving for perfection I'm just trying to take it little by little.
Apparently I need more structure. I'm going to cut way back on dairy and gluten again because I seemed to feel the best when I did that, and see how it effects my runs.
I also want to get back into the habit of shakes for breakfast.
Those seemed to really help my sweet tooth and help me throughout the day!

So those are my goals for the week. Eat clean train mean.
Two weeks until my photo shoot... ugh.


  1. Shes adorable!!!!
    I started eating clean a few weeks ago and I can tell a huge difference in my running.

  2. She is just too cute!!!!! =) Good luck this week!!!

  3. Aww...too cute. My niece had her dance recital last weekend. And whatever is on that plate looks divine.

  4. She looked so beautiful in her little costume!!! How sweet!!

  5. She's precious and looks just like you! I'm about to start training for my second half and I'm dreadddding it hahah. Trying to get under 2:30!

  6. She is so cute! & I'm not gonna lie, when my 12 year old did her ballet number at her recital, I cried...both times I saw it. She was just so grown up & beautiful. :)