Friday, June 6, 2014

Another Week in the Books.

I'm writing this post ahead of time because I have that wonderful thing called clinicals all day tomorrow... and hour away... ugh seriously. Someone just put me out of my misery.
Anyway tomorrow is Friday which means it's time for another weekly round up of how I did this week.

If the pain in my quads and calves are any indication. I did pretty damn well.

Last Sunday was the first meet up of the women's running group that I started.
We are doing the Couch 2 5k program and it was really fun getting back into short runs. I was so nervous that no one was going to show up. Like in middle school when you have your first boy girl party and your mom puts out sooo many chips and you are like shit... where are my friends.

But some awesome ladies came and we all had a good time. Hopefully they all come back!

I have also been doing daily workout with my trainer, because she is crazy. She makes me do things like Box jumps, and jump rope. Her workouts are short and sweet but sweet baby Ray.

My eating has been pretty good too. She keeps telling me to get in the Zone or zone in my diet or something. I'm not sure. I've just been focusing on clean eating. I am 5 days strong with no Dunkins, and I'm still crying about it.

Speaking of donuts... Friday is National Donut Day and Dunkins is giving away free donuts.

Seriously. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

My delicate mind can't handle this right now. Do you think Dunkins will right me a rain check?

Speaking of delicate mind. I realized my photo shoot is like 5 frickin weeks away. I really hope I can pull this off. I need some advice. I want to be tan so I'm wondering if I should fake n bake a little or just do a spray tan. I don't want those nice little white lines where my fat rolls stop the spray tan... Help!! What should I do.
Also... brazillian? or no? Gah I'm nervous.

I should probably not write about these two things in the same post, BUTTT I'm awkward and I don't care. My nephew is taking his driving test tomorrow. I don't know when they starting letting kids drive at 6 but man oh man.

Just kidding he's 16 but he will forever be 6 in my mind. I hope he passes, I have some errands for him to run. Hopefully he's NOT reading this, but if he is... nevermind I'm just going to pretend like he's not.


  1. I'm just picturing you on your couch ottomon doing box jumps and falling like that video!!! lmao!! You are doing great--dunkin can suck it:)

  2. Youre awesome! I started the Couch 2 5k this week too so I can get back in the swing of things. The first week was pretty easy I hope I can keep it up!

  3. He passed! So feel free to text him a list of errands!