Monday, November 17, 2014

Cloud 9

Before I get to far into this, let me get a little nerdy on ya.
Do you know where the phrase "On cloud 9" comes from?
Either do I , but thats because there is no difinitive answer. Which makes me HATE this phrase. If I am going to use a phrase I need to know what I am saying. When you sneeze and I say bless you, it's because you have a sign of the plaque and I am blessing your soul because you will envitably be dead soon.
When I say I run slower than molasses in wintertime it's because I live in New England and I know for a fact molasses in winter time is wicked slow.
You get the idea.
So back to the original reason for this post.
Last Wednesday I woke up and went for a run. I felt pretty good about getting my workout over and done for the day. Then my neice texts me and asks if I want to do Bodypump, so I say yes, and no sooner am I finished with Body Pump my friend texts me and asks if I want to join her for a Mat Flow class downtown.
Three workouts in one day. I thought I would die, but then again it's Mat Flow which is usually sleepytime yoga so I figured it would be fine.
I got there and she's like oh I'll grab your weights......
Hold the phone.... we do not use weights in sleepytime yoga.
Thats when I knew I was getting myself into a mess.
The class was a mix of yoga, pilates, and choreographed aerobics. Kinda what I imagined all group fitness classes to be like in the 80's.
I loved it but I was dying.  Mat flow obviously was talking about the flow of sweat from my forehead to my mat.
After the class the instructor came up to me and told me I was really athletic.
Swiggity Swhat.
She was out of her mind obviously.
I told my friend how I had toyed with the idea of getting a certification to become a fitness instructor myself and she told me to go talk to the instructor (who also owns the gym). So I got some balls and went to talk to her.
She pretty much told me I should def do it, and when I get it let her know and she will help me set up my own classes there.

As in.... teach. my. own. classes.

Holy. Holy. I told my husband and he pretty much solidified the idea. He said I would be really good at it, and really enjoy it. SO IT'S SET IN STONE. Now I just need to look into which certification program I want to do. There is one next month that I may look into but I'm not sure thats enough time. I have looked into AFAA and ACE certifications, and I'm leaning towards the ACE.
Either one I'm giving myself until December 31st of next year. 

Do any of you have any advice? Any suggestions or ideas?


  1. Congrats! I love the idea! I have a slight preference for ACE certified trainers. That's why I decided to go for my ACE Health Coach cert.

  2. That's great! I've toyed with the idea about becoming a spin instructor but not sure I would have the guts to do it. Good luck with it! :)

  3. I "think" you need some sort of general certification, like ACE, plus a CPR certification. That way you aren't bound to teaching at one gym vs. the other. Another note, ACE and any others are crazy expensive so it'll be a while before the classes pay off. Teaching at a gym typically means that if it costs a person $15 to take one of the classes, you are probably making $8 or less. If you have the space in your own home, I would suggest building up a good repertoire with the gym--goers, then doing a little side work to make that certification worth-while. At least, this is how I did it.

  4. Congrats girl!!!
    I can honestly say from an ex-instructor's point of view it's so worth it. (had to quit, too busy with the mini's)
    Anyway it's awesome to be able to make fitness fun for your participants and to have them love to your class.

  5. I don't know anything about these type of certifications, but you should go for it! Anyone who can do those workouts in one day and live to tell about it should definitely be teaching!!!

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