Monday, September 22, 2014

I survived week one!

Not only did I make it through the first week of my sugar detox, I made it through the first weekend! 
Weekends are typically where I fall. Hard. Every time I wanted to cheat I just told myself "Its only two weeks, you can do anything for two weeks". 
There were lots of temptations, like my husband nailing a homemade pretzel recipe

My kids eating fresh peaches from a farm stand 

I stood strong though! 
I made some turkey meatballs to have with tomatoe sauce while the fam had regular spaghetti and Sunday we had steak tips and green beans. 
I made another batch of cookies and this time added pumpkin.

Still amazing. These were much more moist than the snickerdoodle ones and less sweet I think. 
I want to try a crust less berry pie but I may wait until the weekend. 
We are traveling up north soon so maybe I'll save it for up there! 
This week for my meals I'm only switching it up a little bit. 
I'm doing the breakfast casserole again and I'm going to make Almost Pizza Spaghetti from but with chicken. 
For lunches I'll do grilled chicken salad or tuna over salad. 
Only 7 more days... I got this! 


  1. Awesome job! Love that last image, it's SOO true!! I'm currently doing something similar and it's not easy... good for you!!

  2. Ugh, I wouldn't have been able to resist the bread and fresh peaches. I envy your willpower, girl!

  3. WTG! You're doing awesome, keep going!!!

  4. You go girl!!! The first week is definitely the hardest! Did you experience any withdrawal like headaches or mood swings? I know on day 3 and 4, I was flipping CRAZY. But of course, that or may not have had anything to do with the sugar… Here's to another successful week! <3