Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day 238796 least that's what it feels like.
Sorry for the late post today. Wednesdays are my days off so I get to bring Mabel to school and then have some cuddle time with Chip.
We usually sit on the couch and have our " coffee" together.... I miss my creamer.
I'm still too scared to try "bulletproof coffee", but maybe this afternoon!

After our weekend away it seems like both kids are acting out in there own ways.
I'm just trying to take some deep breaths and let it go (by the way, I hate how Frozen has ruined one of my favorite sayings to myself).

So yesterday was my 12 hour shift and I was freaking out on the inside that I wouldn't have enough food and detox friendly choices, but honestly it went great.
Don't get me wrong there were cravings and temptations (like banana cake in the break room!!!!!), but I felt strong with my choices and didn't cheat at all.

Breakfast was the same, Egg casserole
Morning snack- olives and tomatoes
Lunch- White Chicken Chili over lettece, this time I added an avocado.
Afternoon snack- carrots and almonds
Dinner (which I had at work) was another serving of the Egg casserole.

Usually on Tuesdays when I get home I RAID the kitchen, and the fridge, and the pantry and eat just about everything.
My sweet cravings are typically after meals and before bed. I was honestly surprised that I didn't even open the fridge once.
I think that I tried so hard to stay on top of my cravings and hunger all day that I was full by the time I got home.

I did have a headache towards the end of the day, and I woke up this morning with a super headache, but other than that I feel good.

I forgot to mention that I'm doing couch 2 5k with my niece during the week and keeping up with my long runs on Sundays. I also want to try to do some cross training with biking or yoga on Thursdays.  (Tuesdays I don't have time to think...).

All in all I feel good and I'm doing good. Tomorrow I have a surprise treat for you guys! I am going to post a recipe and review for sugar and dairy free snickerdoodle bites... Joni I know you are excited.

Now please excuse me because I just saw that Netflix added new episodes of Once Upon a Time... goodbye world.


  1. I'm too scared to try Bulletproof coffee too. Share your thoughts when you try it!

    mmmm, snickerdoodle bites. That sounds fab, even the sugar and dairy free part!

  2. Yes bring on the recipe! As for bulletproof coffee, try it! I like it, just make sure your fats are blended well, so they don't sit on top of your coffee and you end up drinking an oil slick.... it is very creamy with the butter.

  3. Butter in coffee just sounds disgusting. Don't do it!!! :)
    Stay strong my dear! You are doing fantastic!

  4. I have a friend who is moderately strict Paleo and swears by the bullet proof coffee. She says it kills her cravings and hunger in general. I haven't tried it yet but anything that has that effect I am all about!

  5. I tried bulletproof coffee - it's good, but richly intense. I ended up icing mine to try and deal with how rich it was. Try it keeps you full FOREVER!

  6. I've been using Silk Almond Milk Unsweetened Vanilla in mine and I love it. 2 sweet-n-lows too though :)

  7. One of my friends has drank the "Bulletproof Coffee" & she really liked it. I was a little weirded out with the butter but she said it was really good. I took her word for it. Ha!

    Mandie ~

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