Monday, December 8, 2014

Pyramid Schemes and 50% off Jewerly.

Have you ever been invited to a Tupperware party, or Lia Sophia,  in my case, and you get all this great food and drinks and you get to play with all these great products.
Then you look in catalog and you're like WTF $199 for a potatoe peeler?
BUT WAIT, if I have MY OWN party I can get the peeler for only $10 AND I get entered to win a lifetime supply of potatoes.
Then you get sucked into the cycle and it goes on from there.

WELL I got sucked into having a Lia Sophia party the other weekend. I immediatly regretted my decision, but I figured I would have some friends over with no strings attatched and have some food and drinks, and no talk. No showing jewelry, no games to guilt you into having a party, nothing.
Just hanging out looking around and having fun. If people ordered so be it, if they didn't who cares, we had fun.

The next morning I got an email.
Lia Sophia is going out of business and everything is 50% off. All booked parties are still being held but no further parties would be booked.
Good news for us!
 I figured I would share the link with all of you incase you wanted to get some good deals on Christmas presents.
Or to jazz up your current looks!
If you want to get it in time for Christmas make sure you order today.
 Shop Here
Just make sure you choose me (Candra Bergeron) as your hostess!

Tomorrow I am going to share a really yummy recipe for a make ahead lunch, or dinner for the whole week!


  1. I'm a sucker for these too! 31, premier jewelry, but I have gotten some good deals when I've hosted! And used alot of it as Christmas gifts!

  2. happy christmas shopping! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I got soooo much stuff from Lia Sohia when I used to host parties. I just had a Scentsy one and got a ton of stuff too. Might be checking out your partay girl!!

  4. I've never hosted a party, but I am a damn sucker for all those things! Sad to hear they are going out of business, when I first started my infusions, lia Sophia would donate jewelry to patients in the infusion room.

  5. I got suckered into a Lia Sophia party a few years ago, too! Sad to hear they are going out of business!