Wednesday, December 3, 2014

5 Times My Brain Still Thinks I'm in College

I haven't been out of school that long, but when I'm woken up by a slap to the face followed by
"Milk Mom, Milk Mom, Milk Mom."
It feels like an eternity.
Don't get me wrong I love my life just the way it is. I wouldn't change a second of it, but sometimes I'm not so postive my mind has gotten the memo that we are adults now.
Especially in these situations.

1. When Tony and I are going out for the night
Whether it be to a town function or a movie when I go to jump in the shower by default I go the fridge to grab a beer. My level is immediately brought down when the first thing I see in the fridge is not a beer but a half finished cup of juice and a million gallons of milk.
Oh yeah we are adults now.
Sometimes I even have a second lapse when I go to reach for a shot in between curls in my hair.

2. When I'm driving and MY JAM comes on. 
I've gotten better about this now that my daughter remembers song lyrics, but still it takes every single ounce of will power not to turn up the volume and rap every word to What's Your Fantasy by my man Luda

3. When I get a bill in the mail. 
Almost by reflex I toss it in a pile, and then reality slaps me in the face and I remember, Shit I actually have to pay those now or my kids will not have Mickey Mouse Club House and mommy will run away.

4. When I get a taste of booze. 
Literally even a whiff. My dance moves return, my desire to pee in alley ways, and my phone starts dialing random people. Then in the morning while I'm battling horrible headaches I have to scroll my recent call list and make amends.

5. When I'm home during the day and I'm hungry. 
I will seriously put together the most random meals. Like right now I'm thinking about how many things I can fit into a quesadilla.  At least now that I'm a semi adult my meals are more healthy than the mac and cheese, with cut up burger and pulled pork bowls I put together in college.


Does anyone else struggle with this? Please tell me at least one of you still drink beer in the shower and there's still hope out there.


  1. Who says you can't do most of those things (besides the have to pay those). I guess I'm not an adult yet either. I have been known to drink a beer in the shower while getting ready. I'm not really a shot girl, but pregaming is still fun!!
    Dance parties happen all the time! And my meals while alone are's usually a brick of cheese, wine, hummus, and water crackers. I could live on that list! You're doing just fun...embrace the struggle!!

  2. Lol you're not alone! The pregaming days were so fun! If we are heading out for an occasion, I'll sometimes have a drink while getting ready. One versus multiple in the college years lol.

  3. What's Your Fantasy is the sheeeeeet, yo! I miss good ol' Luda!

  4. hahaha I even use the shower shit holders as beer holders. I believe that it was not meant to hold soap, but rather my super enjoyable adult beverage. I don't even have kids, but the reality hits me as I dig past all the reusable glass, organic milk jugs and find the lonely stash of beer and a lone bottle of white.

  5. haha yes to all of these especially the bill one. By the end of the week we have a pile then I'm like, "Oh yeah I have to pay these".

  6. Omg I love jammin out to my high school rap songs like what's your fantasy! My daughter just turned 2 and becoming quite the parrot so totally have to watch what I say/sing! And I totally still pregame when Hubby and I go out and tailgate hard for our college for all team (go UCF Knights) but hangovers suck when you are a mom :(