Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Remember that time I started a blog.... don't?

Oh thats probably because I posted like twice, and then decided I was too busy not doing anything to keep up with it.

So here goes another attempt.

I recently started a new weight training program, and so far I love it. I am trying to "lift heavy" so I can buy one of those cute workout tanks someday with the cute sayings like

"Keep Calm and Lift On"

When in reality mine should read something more like

"Do cupcakes count as dumbells?"

and not feel like a total imposter. I hope I stick it out, and gain some crazy girl muscles in the process.

As far as the job department, everything is pretty much exactly the same.
I'm still applying to half a million jobs, and not getting any interviews. So I sit at home and wonder why I got my Master's in the first place.

I met this great new friend through Instagram (@candra_ellen) who has had an amazing weight loss and she is insanely inspirational. Maybe some day I'll post about her, in the mean time, she's my little secret!! 

In the mean time I leave you with my most recent purchase,

I was channeling Matilda's mom... nailed it.

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