Wednesday, June 26, 2013

5 Miles...No Really

(This post was supposed to happen a million weeks ago.... judge me.)

For some reason I thought it would be a really great idea to wake up at 3am on a Sunday, during a long weekend, to drive to Boston, to run 5 miles.
The longest I have ever run.
It was the Boston Run to Remember, and it was... amazing. 

I was so nervous and was on a total anxiety ride the whole way down, which originally I was going to do alone because there is no way the hubs and the babes would be joining me at the ass crack of dawn. 

At the last minute my sister-in-law decided to drive down with me and thank goodness she did. 

There was about half a million people and everyone was wearing super cute running clothes, and super high tech running gear, eating their super cool running pre snacks, and there was me. 

I don't know why but it's hard for me to call myself a runner. I always feel like an impostor and I'm just waiting for someone to spot me and start pointing until I'm slowly pushed out. (Irrational fear #1)

Luckily I wasn't spot before the race started and I was able to sneak in.

The race was amazing. The course was beautiful and so fun. Who wouldn't want to be able to run down the middle of the street in downtown Boston with cops cheering you on instead of chasing you ( I kid I kid...okay maybe not).

It wasn't hilly at all and I breezed through the first three miles at my normal sloth pace of 12/mi. My pace usually gives me anxiety because I'm afraid of being so slow that someone has to stop me because the race is over (Irrational fear #2), but this time I didn't care, I was taking in the scenery.

 Sometime during the third mile my stomach was all "hey remember me and how much I like food". It was about that time that every bakery in Boston decided to start wafting their yummy goodness into the street. 

So at the next water station I grabbed a Gu...vomit flavored Espresso flavored. It did the trick. 

Then before I knew it I saw the finish line and as if on cue my pump up song came on, and I sprinted. 

That's right I sprinted that shit, and my sister-in-law was right there cheering me on. So amazing. I'm hooked. Next year I'm doing the half, and I'm going to have a super cute running outfit because now I'm not scared to shop in the running section, 

because I'm a runner. 

Not the same race... I just look good here ; )

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  1. I am proud to say that I am the "sister-in-law"...Love ya girl!