Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Two days in a ROW

So I survived the run. 
I'm also still scared shitless of the run on Friday, but my current mindset is that I am going to fucking nail it, and if I don't, it's Friday so I can drink wine all night and try again Monday. 
I still don't understand how birthing a baby could make all my self believe disappear. 
I should be like I CAN DO ANYTHINGGGG. 
Instead I'm over here like, ummmm maybe I should start with a yog.

So have I told you guys about my goals yet?
I turn 30 next summer (womp womp) so I decided to set three big goals, and then times them BY THREE.
You know because 30… 3-0…3…. Anywho.

Goal number 1- Running
I am hoping to set some PR’s in a 5k a 10k, and a half
In all honestly this shouldn’t be that hard because I’m a slow slow slow runner and my current PR’s are nothing to write home about.

Goal number 2- Hiking
I want to complete three major peaks in New Hampshire.
We live in hiking country and I have like half a million to choose from so I should be taking advantage of them!
The only one I have set in stone so far is Mount Washington.
My friend’s recent pictures has put this loop on my maybe list!

Goal number 3- Running, Biking, Swimming
You know putting them all together and doing a fricking Triathlon!!! There are a few local ones so I just need to learn how to swim without plugging my nose and I should be good… maybe.

I’m hoping that having these big goals will help me to focus on something other than the scale, which I had my husband hide.
We have also started a daily challenge at work were we pick an exercise out of a box and do 100 throughout the day.  It’s been so swell.

Tomorrow is grocery shopping so I have protein bites and a breakfast casserole on the menu. 
AND just for good measure he's a picture of our best attempt at a family photo 

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