Thursday, April 11, 2013

Here Goes Nothing...

Here I am, starting another project, 
not because I have a ton of free time
because I don't,
not because I think I'm awesome,
I mean I am but....
I'm starting this
because I need a place to voice my thoughts,
about how much I hate Jillian Michael s
a place to hold myself accountable,
a place to connect with people on the same journey as me, and
pretty much just a place to be me.

So here's my first blog post, it's short and sweet, and hopefully to be followed by many many more.

My kids are insanely cute so you will be seeing a ton of them, my dogs are just as cute.
My husband hates pictures so more than likely there won't be many of him, and
I work out every day (and by every day I mean every other day, or once a week, or when I feel like it).

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  1. ok so I definitley wasn't ignoring your comments I think you are set to a non-reply blogger meaning I can't email you back (I JUST fixed mine not too long ago) try out this link and see if it works let me know and I will check for you :)